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A profiler is a performance analysis tool that measures the behavior of a program as it runs, particularly the frequency and duration of function calls. The output is a stream of recorded events (a trace) or a statistical summary of the events observed (a profile). Profilers use a wide variety of techniques to collect data, including hardware interrupts, code instrumentation, operating system hooks, and performance counters. The usage of profilers is called out in the performance engineering process.
Kolobial Advertising can provide profiling such as dna profiling, job profiling, data profiling, psychological profiling, profiling people and customer profiling.
Customer Profiling is the process of gathering data about customers such as: age, income, gender, education, and buying patterns. Through Customer Profiling Surveys powered by Kolobial Advertising, companies can capture and analyze critical customer demographics and behavior using a single platform.
Kolobial Advertising's ability to integrate with existing CRM and other business systems enables enterprises to create more accurate and personalized Customer Profiling Surveys.
The following are just a few of the benefits enterprises can take advantage of through Customer Profiling Surveys powered by Kolobial
• More accurate profiles of customers.
• Identify new business opportunities.
• Develop and retain your customers through critical reports and analysis.
• One survey software capable of handling all your customer surveys.
In theory, the more information gathered about an enterprise's customers, the better equipped that enterprise is to anticipate and cater to their customers' needs. Customer Profiling Surveys powered by Kolobial Advertising afford a clear view of customers by category, that can be used to produce targeted marketing messages, campaigns, offers, and/or products.
Some of Kolobial Advertising's features that lead to more consistent, quantifiable, and actionable data are:
Automated and Accessible
Kolobial Advertising features automated and event-driven capabilities that provide enterprises with more consistent releases of surveys and up-to-date results. Real-time capability increases the speed to activate surveys and provides access to live data and reports, enabling marketers to respond to, update, change, or correct their initiatives instantly, if necessary.
Unmatched Customization
Kolobial Advertising supports a high degree of flexibility and scalability for a completely customizable, user-friendly, survey platform in addition to full multi-lingual survey and reporting capabilities.
More Accurate Analysis
Through integration of existing customer data, such as behavioral history, from CRM or other enterprise systems, Kolobial Advertising solutions can provide more in-depth results and analysis across a single platform for all survey and reporting activities and needs.
Cost Effective
Implementing Kolobial Advertising enables you to standardize all your data collection, deployment, and reporting onto a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple survey and reporting tools for different surveys or business areas, keeping costs down and simplifying your systems.
When enterprises merge existing CRM databases with behavioral data through the use of Customer Profiling Surveys powered by Kolobial Advertising, the resulting detailed customer profiles provide powerful insight for companies to tailor their initiatives. Kolobial Advertising Reportal provides a single platform for report viewing and analysis that furthers consistency across global organizations.